Reading on the Beach before the Kindle

Seriously, I love reading and I was totally against getting a Kindle. My husband kept wanting to buy one for me but I kept telling him, “NO”! Then I received an Amazon gift card and had it for a long time trying to figure out what to purchase with it. Meanwhile, I was in the Literary Guild Book Club, and others, spending about $100 each month buying the books that grabbed me. Then I broke down and purchased a Kindle Touch on Amazon with my gift card. It didn’t come with any instructions so it was difficult at first to figure out how to use it. Then I downloaded some free books and I went to my local library to find out how to download their books. In no time, I had a wish list a mile long and was downloading library books constantly. I bought one e-book, with some of the rest of the amazon gift card, over the past two years because it wasn’t available at the library.

Now my Kindle is indispensable. Many books have a text-to-speech option that I can use in the car – I plug it into my radio speakers and the book is read to me while I drive. Or, when I get tired at night, I can put the headphones on and hear the book read to me as I settle down for the night. No more pages blowing in the wind while I try to read on the beach. No more $100 per month purchasing books. Of course I still read regular books and love them too – not everything in available on Kindle and cookbooks you really have to have the real thing! If a Kindle book is available, I download it now!

Still love reading even though the way I read is changing – just like everything else in life!

Hope to share many book reviews with everyone!!

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