I found this story spellbinding – it was especially about two brothers who could have not been more different.  Ezra is laid back and takes life’s trials and tribulations with a grain of salt.  He is always happy with what he is dealt and enjoys the simple pleasures of owning and managing a restaurant.  Cody, his older brother, connives and works to steal everything from Ezra for himself, including Ezra’s bride-to-be, hoping for the same happiness that Ezra has.  Cody is a high powered executive who has money and power but little happiness.  Cody never wins any of the pleasures Ezra has enjoyed and is left questioning if his son, Luke, is possibly Ezra’s son.  I so want to be more like Ezra always!!

Here is the library synopsis of the book:

Pearl Tull is nearing the end of her life but not her memory. Ever since 1944 when her husband left her, she has raised her three very different children on her own. Now grown, they have gathered together–with anger, with hope, and with a beautiful, harsh, and dazzling story to tell….

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